Welcome to the hobbies page

This page give you some information about our hobbies and free time activities.


Gerda and Adrian both enjoy going on mountain walks and hikes. There are a lot of possibilites in the Surselva area.

Some of the recent routes are documented on our photo server

Video Filming

Adrian bought his first video camera back in 1988. It was a Canon AV1 camera using Hi8 tapes. At the time it was one of the best home video cameras. The camera soon became important in documenting the live of the family. The camera has flown a few miles as well. In 1990 it was used to film a 6 week trip to the USA and in 1996 a 4 week trip to New Zealand. Another important moment caught on tape was our wedding in 1992. Since the birth of Sarina in 1994 several hours of tape have been used to record her progress. Many theater performances have also passed through its lens to be captured on tape. 

At the beginning of 1998 a decision had to been made, either an expensive repair or a good offer on a new camera. So Adrian decided to buy the Canon MV1 digital video camera. The picture quality cannot be compared to the old camera. The other great feature is that it can take still photos which are great for publishing on the web. A top of the photos on this site were taken with this camera. 

The camera has been used to produce a company video and several wedding videos, plus the usual collection of family and holiday videos. 

The MV1 camera has its limitations when using it for recording live performances. The manual focus and exposure controls are difficult to use while filming. The picture quality suffers when the scene is dark.

In order to be able to film live performances better, Adrian bought a new camera at the end of 2009, a Canon XH A1s. This camera records video on miniDV tapes in HDV 1080i quality. This camera uses 3 1/3" CCD Sensors. The camera is somewhat larger but has 3 rings to control focus, exposure and zoom.



Gerda is the reader in the family. Her favorite authors are:

  • Sidney Sheldon
  • Heinz Konsalik
  • Agatha Christie
  • Mary Clark Higgins
  • Marie Louise Fischer
  • Madeline Brent

Our house is full of bookshelf. At the beginning of 2011 Gerda started using the Kindle e-book reader (third generation). This has proved to be a great success. Books can be bought online directly from the Kindle. The first chapter can be downloaded for free and if the book is to your liking you can download the rest. The books are cheaper than paper versions and saves a lot of post and packing. There are also a lot of free e-books available on the Internet.

The display of the Kindle is very good, the image looks like a printed page and can be easily read on the beach under full sunlight. A fully charged battery lasts for about 1000 pages.


Adrian's first contact with a computer was back in the 80's when his dad brought a Sinclair ZX-81 kit. Computer programming soon became a hobby and he brought his own Sinclair QL a few years later. Computing became a passion at home and at work. After a few years the first IBM compatible 286 was installed at home. In 1990 he brought a PC directly from Taiwan, a 386 with VGA graphics. This computer lasted until 1998, when he brought a Pentium II 233MHz multimedia PC. In the spring of 2001 Adrian was given the chance of producing a company video, so it was decided that a new more powerful computer was necessary. A top end model from Dell was brought with a 1.4GHz Pentium 4 processor and 80GB harddisc. This computer lastet until 2006, when it was replaced with a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo system. Sarina used the old computer until she brought her own laptop in 2009. The old desktop computer was than passed on to a home for disabled children.

This computer is now used by all the family for correspondence, games, club organization and surfing the internet!

Cross stich

One of Gerda's favorite hobbies is cross stitch. She started many years ago with some simple kits and now is doing large and complicated designs. Some of the work that she has done is shown below.

Gerda is a great "Winnie the Pooh" fan, and this is reflected in her cross stich work. Below are some of the "Winnie the Pooh" subjects she has done so far.


Adrian's woodwork consists mainly of making pieces a furniture for the house. Most of the furniture is made with pine or beech wood. So far he has made the following things, all the designs are original: 

  • Drop down cabinet with telephone table and plant holder 
  • CD stand
  • Corner units with shelves
  • Stool
  • Toy farm house
  • Puzzle shelf
  • Office cabinet
  • Book shelves, 3 different types
  • Coffee table
  • Key rack
  • Dinningroom table


Electronics is one of those hobbies that Adrian has been interested in for years, but never really done anything large, only small projects. The soldering iron is always ready on the table, but is mostly used for odd repairs, rather than new project.

One of the small projects was to build a constant current source, and although the circuit is very simple it took me a while to find a circuit that worked, so to save everyone else from searching, you can find the circuit here.


Gardening is more what we do in our free time rather than a hobby. Most of the garden is grass with some fruit trees.The grass needs mowing during the summer months. The flower borders need weeding and generally taking care of. The vegetable plot is a small area where we grow the usual collection of vegatables, herbs and delicious strawberries.

Amature Theater

Gerda belongs to the local theater group which puts on a play every few years. The play's are always in the local romansch language. In the Summer of 1998 the group put on a very large open air version of 'Anatevka' (Fiddler on the Roof) . Gerda was the prompter and also had a part in the crowd scenes. Being prompter meant that she had to be at all the rehearsals. Adrian helped with the lighting, installing and programming the control desk before the premier and then controlled the lights through all the performances.

In the Summer of 2009 the group put on a large open air version of 'In siemi dalla notg sogn Gion' (A Midsummer Night's Dream) . Gerda was once again the prompter and had to visit all the rehearsals. Adrian once again helped with the lighting, installing and programming the control desk before the premier and then controlled the lights through all the performances.


Adrian started playing curling in 1998, only for fun, once or twice during the winter. In 2006 he decided to visit a beginners course and then joined the local Curling Club Flims in Flims. Since then he has got better and has taken part in several tournaments. The best result so far was the 1st place in a tournament in Wildhaus at the beginning of the 2009/2010 season.
The Curling Club Flims has a lot of juniors and more coaches were required, so since the beginning of the 2009/2010 season Adrian has become the coach for the 2nd boys team. This involves training once a week and several tournaments and championships during the season. As most tournaments are 2 day events, travel and hotels have to be organized.
Since 2009 Sarina has become interested in curling and has started to go to the weekly junior training and is now in the junior team.

Jigsaw Puzzles

We all enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles, Sarina does small ones with upto 1000 pieces. Gerda and Adrian have done some larger jigsaw puzzles, as shown below. The largest puzzle so far is the ship with 6000 pieces. Another 4000 piece jigsaw is now finished and mounted on the wall.

Flower Pots

Another one of Gerda's hobbies is decorating flower pots. The pots look great when placed alone a balcony with flowers in them, or in a group in a corner with herbs in them. Each one is different and special in some way or another.