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Hector38 Hector98SE from Hector24

Sunday, 23-04-17 08:29

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lionel hall from missoula montana

Tuesday, 29-07-14 04:19

I have a crest that was given to me from my father's mother that is exactly like one of the crests on your information page . I would like to know more about the history and the color and pattern of the kilt and other related information.The crest is like one for the Manning's of Laax Switzerland.


kayla Manning from Florida

Friday, 23-05-14 10:29

once again my name is kayla and as i went further into this website i found my dad and all of my aunts, if you want i can continue all of that info and even some more. there are 2 whole new generations that are not put in yet. please feel free to contact me as i want to find all of my family !


Kayla Manning from Florida

Friday, 23-05-14 10:07

my name is Kayla Manning, My Fathers names is Garland Earl Manning Jr. and my Grandfathers name is Garland Earl Manning (who is listed on this website along with my great grandfather and great great grandfather and all the way back to the James's ect) i came across this website and am amazed by the information :) we also have even more family in texas.


Mary Odam from Suffolk, England

Sunday, 18-05-14 23:46

I found myself on your pages when I "googled" Happy Burrows and George Manning. They're a bit of a sidetrack in my family tree (Happy was the daughter of my g-g-g-g-grandfather's brother and George was the son of Happy's sister's husband), but I thought you might like to know that George and his father, Emanuel were born in Rendham (not "Birdham" as mis-transcribed) and Elizabeth Ann Burrows and Happy were born in Sweffling (I believe you have it as "Swefting").

Good luck in all your research.



William Manning from Wheeling, WV

Friday, 10-05-13 23:09

Hi I am william michael manning jr. I am from Grafton, WV and I am currently trying to find relatives and the roots of our family. I have been doing alot of research which led me to your page. Me and my 2 brothes are the last 3 Mannings left in our family. My father was not told much about his family when he was young. His parents did not tell him of any cousins, uncles, or Grandparents. My father which is William Michael Manning Sr. was a only child. His fathers name was William Edward Manning. He died back in 2004. We have no idea where his parents were from or names. Glad to see this page and it is very informative. thank you. please contact if you would like.


Tabetha Pombo from South Carolina

Saturday, 02-06-12 21:56

Hello fellow Manning family,

I wanted to thank you for creating and maintaining our family website so family members like me can visit and enjoy. Thank you!


Michael Ewan Corlette Theuil from Redcliffe QLD 4020

Saturday, 21-04-12 12:29

Dear Sir
Fine website, great work ; Ewan Arthur Christian {M} [P5738] was my grandfather.My great grandmother was Francis Edith Manning.
Kind Regards


Benjamin Manning from Australia

Tuesday, 27-12-11 11:11

Hi there. Thank you for you web site, I come from the Iris side of the bloodline and im look up our coat of arms so I can get a tattoo of it on my body. Having said that I have come across a coat of arms in the University of Sydney from a Sir William Montagu Manning, his crest I belive you do have but with the University one they have it in a Stained Glass window and look pretty cool. If you like to see can you reply to this email I then can send you a photo of it


Adrian Manning from Laax

Friday, 23-12-11 19:53

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